The battle of Solunto bay took place in the year 2501 and was one of the devestating battles after the official end of the Independence War. During the battle 22 Union ships got sunk and almost 10.000 men and women died in the bay. Losts in the City where alot higher. Accurate numbers were never published but roumers say that more than 25.000 people died in the missile strikes on the City. "The water was burning and colored from the blood of our good men." says a witness as he describes the engagment. "Many of the large hotels at the beach got destroyed while our ships burned to the ground of sea."

30 ships of the revolutionary Navy attacked the Navalbase in Solunto to get their revenge after the lost war. After 24 ships of them got sunk one heavy missile frigate managed it to destroy the 2 last remaining ships stationed at the Solunto Navalbase. After the remaining ships of the Union Navy got sunk the enemy ships pushed into the bay and made landings´. All their ground troops were defeted and the ships got destroyed by the Federal Airforce