Uarte de Itzik (Island of God) is officially part of the Uarte de Ondo (Island of Power) under the Federal Government and is located 200 km north west of Ondo. Uarte de Itzik is made up of two Islands of which one is purley a military base and is closed to the public.

Satellite Photo of Lekua Artel. Images with higher resolution of the Island aren't allowed.

Lekua Artel (Fort Power) is the biggest military base in the world with 306 km². The main Island has an Area of around 31.000 km² and is rougly the size of Switzerland. There are currently 3.280.000 people on the Uarte de Itzik and most of them are located in the local capital Solville with 1.000.000 people. The other 2.500.000 people are located in one of the five other big citys on the Island or in many small villages.

The local capital Solville is home to one of the best Universities in the World. The SOPAR University is located right next to the Leku de Absuna (Square of Union). Solville is also famous for its open minded people and their kindness. During the Olandes'ze Itxerrat (Independece War 2489-2497) most parts of the city got destroyed by bombings. Over 500.000 people were killed and another 500.000 were injured. Three years after the war the Union was made and so the Federal Republic of Ondo (2500-Today).

Solunto the second largest city on the Island is only 20 km away from Solville and is the medical heart of the Republic. Almost every person who gets sick comes from allover the world to the SOPAR Institute of Technology. Located here are also the Headquarters of the Union Navy. With almost 300 ships and 325.000 activ personal it is one of the biggest in the world. The Leku de Oelande (Square of peace) was build right next to the Navys HQ as a reminder of the lost friends in the Olandes'ze Itxerrat by Hermaphrodite-Dyke Inc. Hermaphrodite-Dyke Inc was for 50 years the largest weapon developer in the country. But as terrorist broke in to a weapon storage and stole more than 200 K-43 Assault Rifles and 10.000 rounds of amunition the company switched to Technology development and produced the worlds first Solar powerd Car in the year 2509.